Trek Bike stirs up old feelings.

I’ve been having some issues with my workouts and eating habits, mainly my consistency. So I needed a new spark, something I was very big into was riding a bike. When I grew up I rode bmx freestyle, mainly did flatland tricks and some street riding/jumping. Typically I rode about 6 hours every day practicing my tricks, this went on from like age 8-17.

I finally stopped riding because I was tall and very skinny, yeap I couldn’t gain weight. I was lifting weights from about 12 years old casually then at about 16 I wanted muscles and to be big. Thing was I could never pack on a single pound, so I figured it was the bmx and my bike riding stopped. It was my ultimate life regret now looking back, foolish teenage mind even after stopping I couldn’t gain much weight. Then I learned to log what I ate and count calories, this was a very big eye opener and a great thing to learn.

I started gained weight rapidly, but when you are eating 12-18,000 calories a day shit happens. I was a burger flipper and could eat burgers and milkshakes all day long too. My biggest calorie item was chocolate milk, man that stuff will pack on the fat fast. I ended gaining over 30 pounds in less than 3 months, kids at school were like wtf and saying I was on steroids. I got stretch marks under my arms in this time too, rapid weight gain sucks.

Eventually I figured out this shit wasn’t good and after about 6 months dropped the fat weight I had gained by doing some light jogging and eating more normal. It was the first time I could feel the difference and agility I had never noticed before. So I grew up got other jobs and eventually tried a Kona mountain bike, I got back into it very casually just really due to boredom. This lasted a few years with a few bikes, but I was always in good shape in my 20s-30s and it was more nostalgia for me.

Now I’m in my mid 40s and shit is harder with weight control, mainly my diet is horrible. I have worked out for lots of years since age 38, but over time I guess I got bored. I also missed my bike riding too with that extremely awesome side effect, weight control. So I just picked up a new 2019 Trek Marlin 7, I have been studying a quality mountain with not a huge price and this one had great reviews.

So you know how when you really want something you have to get the exact right model and get it now? Well that happened to me and I have a major physical coming up so that is also motivating me too. So I’ve been taking it out and riding it daily, short rides so far but I’m already seeing improvements in my stamina. The seat is damn sure making my ass sore and that I am very used to, I used to run hard plastic seats on my box bikes because they were used in various tricks.

So now a new adventure again, I’m traveling around with this bike too so lots of neat scenery. First bike I ever had lights installed on, lol.

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