Still going strong in May. Tweaks to 20HardReps workout.

Still on a nonstop daily workout, this started on Feb 4 2018 and has been everyday since. I am loving it, but I am noticing issues as time goes by. Maybe some looseness in my reps and workouts, need to stick to the “hard” part of the reps.

My power has increased on most every exercise big time, but I have noticed some sloppy reps creeping in. Also I am rethinking my rep ranges after I have hit 20, I’ll usually do even more. Why would I be doing more though is a thought, are these reps too easy, exercise need to progress to harder one? So what am I doing now is toughening my reps by slowing them down more and doing low reps like 5 in 4 sets. These are very slow cadence and fully using as much muscle tension as I can each rep.

After some workout lately I would write down my reps like say close pushups 10-10-9 etc. after the reps I would often make a note. These notes could be how I felt that day or how I performed the reps. I noticed a trend, when I did very slow reps on a set I always made a note of it, like I was only super proud of those. So in the example above the last set of 9 were noted as “last set of 9 super slow 4-2-4 (seconds up-bottom-down) cadence. This is telling me I am not maximized on my first two sets of 10, I need to make these reps harder or doing harder exercise.

Just a thought, keep those reps really hard and strict. Slow them down in strict form or do harder exercise progression. Each rep should actually be hard, only time I’d suggest backing off intensity is on sick days or injury. You will notice how exhausted muscle is, if it’s not exhausted then you fucked up.

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