Love this simple but intense 20hardreps (35 days straight)

Yeap 35 days in a row of doing 20 hard reps daily. Just a couple weeks ago started using a reminder app Productive on my iPhone, has a notification each day and notes system. Simple but works well so I can tell what bodypart I’ve worked out a few days ago.

I have noticed lots of strength and my body getting its old muscle tone, the big part for me is to slowly modify my diet to cut off lots of excess fat. I weighed in at 222 pounds a week ago, I was on a off work period drinking beer eating lots of carbs. I’m usually around 215 pods, but I need to get to 180 or a bit less to get my numbers down. I have a physical coming up and with the new blood pressure minimums they set in Nov 2017 it will be a bit of work.

I have always been right below the previous BP min, a few years ago I did a ton of dieting and kettlebell swings and got down to 178pds. I over dieted and was weak, but my blood pressure was the lowest I’ve seen. I drink coffee daily and eat a really bad travelers diet of fast food and snack crap. I’m working on it, I just hate the way everything is working against us. To get healthier we need more commonly available food, even travelers.

Walk into any travel center and it’s just nothing but candy, yes I know you already know. Meds are just a bandaid and may actually hurt you more than anything. Crooked system set in place for profit, nothing else. Guys in my line of work will be losing their jobs left and right due to diet mainly which effects everything. It’s a scary situation for people with no clue, I’m even worried just because again a new standard has been made and when you see what they say it’s for “health and early prevention” it’s really about meds. Selling more potions, fuck this system.

See my blood pressure went up probably, good reason though.

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